Former OSU running back Maurice Clarett guest on Activ8Radio Podcast

Former OSU running back Maurice Clarett guest on Activ8Radio Podcast

Former OSU running back Maurice Clarett guest on Activ8Radio Podcast

Travis Wilcox / Contributor

The latest Activ8Radio podcast was released Friday and featured a guest appearance by former Ohio State running back and national champion Maurice Clarett.

Clarett, who donned No. 13 for the Buckeyes, joined hosts Cory Gregory and John Fosco on the 13th episode of the growing podcast and touched on a number of important and motivating subjects.

One of the major points of discussion was how Clarett has turned his life around after being arrested and incarcerated in 2006.

It was during that time where Clarett began to introspectively look at the changes he had to make in his life. One of those was dealing with and ultimately mastering the regret that took place in his life, a subject he talked about on the podcast.

“It just came with time,” Clarett said on the show. “I think for anybody who has to deal with regret, the hardest part is just getting an understanding of what took place. For so long, I was in denial and didn’t want to deal with the facts that took place. In my case, it was things not working out long-term at Ohio State. For so long it bothered me and the depression kind of set in. How I got past it, and it’s not to say I’m past everything, initially it just came from understanding how things came to be. 

“Where I think a lot of people get caught up, they get into the blame game and they want to blame everyone for the situation that took place. Once I dealt with that and once I kind of went through the process and understood my role and how things came to be, it was lot easier once I accepted responsibility.  

It’s easy to be an adult, but it’s hard to be a man. Part of being a man is just accepting responsibility, be it good or bad for any and everything that’s taken place. Once you do that, then you take control of the situation and after that, you can kind of just move forward.”

Clarett, who hosts a daily hour-long radio show in Columbus, called prison a life-changing experience and that driven attitude that made him the first freshman running back to start at Ohio State has carried over into the business world.

He’s now forged a successful entrepreneurial path, speaking on his failures and finding success from it.

“All them adverse moments, I understand and I appreciate it,” Clarett said. 

It’s a great listen for anyone who needs motivated, no matter the issues or adversity they’ve suffered in their own lives.

Along with the standout interview with Clarett, John and Cory also talked about the debut of the new Activ8Media website, which officially launched on Friday with an exclusive interview with UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. In the article, Browne made his first public comments on his relationship with UFC star Ronda Rousey.

John and Cory discussed that and ended the episode with a motivational send-off. The Activ8Radio Podcast is released every Monday and Friday on iTunes and Soundcloud, giving listeners a unique view and insights on business, sports, pop culture, self-improvement, fitness, fighting and much more.