Could Pouring Champagne on Phones Make Samsung Money?

Could Pouring Champagne on Phones Make Samsung Money?

Could Pouring Champagne on Phones Make Samsung Money?

Alex Gerak / Contributor

Rapper Lil Wayne, virtual reality, and champagne. Three items that you wouldn't expect to see in a commercial, let alone all in one place.

To promote their new Galaxy S7 phone and new virtual reality device, Samsung recruited Lil Wayne to be the spokesperson for these new products in different and fun ways. This new line of commercial advertisements have proven to be effective for marketing already.
The commercials have only being airing for a week but have racked up over 4 million views on YouTube which matches the view count of most of their commercials from more than two months ago.
The commercials feature the rapper on a call and pouring champagne on his new Samsung device, that is water resistant, exclaiming, "whaaaaaat!?" While still on the call he proceeds to put his phone in a fish tank with the phone still working. A friend who is in the room with him tries to pour champagne on his phone, which is not a Samsung, and it end up short circuiting and no longer working.

However, one of the commercials that Samsung released with Lil Wayne did not gain as much traction as the others. A set of three were released, two have over 4 million views each and one only has around 300,000 views.

Why is one of them not doing as well as the others though? Simply jumping on Twitter and checking out Lil Wayne's page makes it all clear. The two that are popular have been promoted by the rapper himself to his 26.2 million followers.

With only a week and one tweet Samsung's new product reached a whole new age group and market of consumers. It seems that Samsung is aiming these commercials at younger generations attempting to move them away from Apple's iPhone and towards Samsung's products.

Another way that Samsung is able to market with these commercials is to have them play during music videos that are popular amongst younger generations; as YouTube is a popular way to listen to music when in dorms or around the house.

Videos with funny or crazy content tend to make their way around the internet and friend groups very quickly. Videos that move like this are called viral videos. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral video marketing sensation, bringing in an astonishing $88.5 million with very little cost at all.

If Samsung plays their cards right, they may have the next viral video sensation of challenges with their newest phone; and it may come at little cost to them as well.

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